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December 22, 2022, 08:45 pm

- Added new Quests + Daily Quests in Shop + Start Shirt Quest in Hyjal

- Modified World Bosses drop Badge of Justice + Daily Q in Shop + Ports to World Bosses and Neutral Zones + Announce on boss kill

- Update Donate Shop ( Level 80 , Porting for 31 days , Change Faction and Rename ) - Can now send Donate

- Modified Raid Dungeons = Freez King , Tempest Keep , Sunwell Plateau including custom teleporter to bosses + new items

- Hunter got +20% HP to pets

- Nerfed meta sockets by a few % to make it usable we have a lot of meta slots to work on

- Web updates

- Transmogrification Tokens for Daily Quests

- Trainers are already giving all class spellas

- Fixed small bugs in the game 

- Better drop of Shadow Orbs in Hyal

- Increased XP rate based on testing

- Fixed registrations

- Fixed link to discord server 

- New Proffese Vendors in Dalaran Neutral Shop

- Prices set at 39 Gold 


All recipes can now be found for all trainers


- Every recipe has its price, anyway where you need 300+ skills they are the most expensive!

- Cancelled durability on all items 


 ! Please Download latest patch !


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