Server Opening 8.4.2023 11:00

April 3, 2023, 03:57 pm


the unique new MasterWoW server on Wotlk 3.3.5a

The MasterWoW server will be opening its first server on Wotlk 3.3.5a (Wrath of the Lich King)

Wotlk MasterWoW will be similar to server 2.4.3

That's why you will see TBC Raids and Dungeons on this server as well, and it has the feel of a good TBC server with the enhancement of Wotlk options.

You will also be able to expend in hyjal as usual!

Gold Fishing, Crafting, PvP, Super PVE,Teleporter, Daily Quests, Solo Quests, World Bosses, Public Boss and much more.

The server caters to all types of players! 

You don't have to worry about ninja loot anymore, because there will be a shared loot system. 

So everyone will get something and not have to fight over loot and choose who to take with them to raid!

You can also join the people who come to farm better items and open them up over time.

Minimal differences in sets, everything is tested by server testers who are in contact with the server admin daily.

It's important to remember that this is the first launch and the server is still in development and will be for a long time! The server is still evolving!

New dungeons, raids, quests, upgrades and lots of fun.

Come and play on 8.4.2023 at 11:00 (registration will be available from Friday 7.4.2023 18:00)

- Option to choose PVE or PVP path or simply both!

- Choose Rewards (choose the reward you need the most)

- Progress System

- Solo options

- Dodge System 100%

- Full Talents

- PVP Zone

- Fair loot farm system (Loot for everyone)

- Anticheat

- Transmogrification (ability to customize your appearance)

- CrossFaction Battleground

- 1vs1 Arena

- Ability to skip quests for Class : Death Knight

Thanks for your support


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