Server Rules & Terms of use

October 11, 2022

Connecting to the server, you automatically agree the terms of this agreement,as well as all terms and conditions established in this resource MasterWoW.CZ Administration is not responsible for any infringement of players User License Agreement (EULA) World Of Warcraft ™. If you do not agree with any provisions of this Agreement, you have every right to terminate the use of this resource.

Present unofficial game server World of Warcraft (hereinafter The server) is an experimental non-profit development, created to guide users with the game World of Warcraft. This server not a violation of EULA World of Warcraft, because for its development not decompile or research the game client, and the development itself is not derived (derivative work) from the original game, but only an introductory project-imitation.

The server requires a file changes or using third-party software, which is a violation of paragraph A, article 4 EULA World of Warcraft. Users perform this change, accepting responsibility and accepting the terms of this Agreement.

Dissemination of the game client is prohibited by EULA, so the server not provides whole or partially of any original client World of Warcraft, nor any of the preliminary (alpha, beta, etc.) client versions. All updates to the game laid out on the server of this site have no changes and fully compliant with the official. Server is an unofficial mirror for updates enGB and enUS games.

All user accounts, characters, game items, skills, and other gained elements are the property of the Administration Server. All static game content (including but not limited by the following elements: titles, computer code, music, objects, stories, dialog, terrain, graphics and animation NPC, their location, landscape elements, visual effects, story and other elements) is the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment except where noted.

Static game content, such as the location of NPC, objects, information about the talents, spells, formulas, and other game data obtained by studying the open internet resources, the official user manual, the official forum data, paid and free tutorials on the game, as well as based on own experience representatives of of the Administration, based on the official game servers of World of Warcraft.

Claims for static game content, graphics, design games and other intellectual property Blizzard Entertaiment may be brought to representatives of Blizzard Entertaiment in the manner prescribed EULA World of Warcraft in case of*availability an account on the official server, as well as in the case of there are no violations of the EULA by PLAYER.

All donations committed by resource users are voluntary, gratuitous and are non-refundable. Making a donation, the user is automatically accepts these terms. Requests for returning the donations are not considered by the Administration, the user must estimate in advance the advantages and disadvantages before making a donation. All actions for financial support of the project users make on their own risk.

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